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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. Your Personal Information

When you purchase something from Health Connects Affiliates links, we collect personal information from the buyer such as your name, address, contact numbers and email address as part of the buying and selling process. You (the buyer) agrees to allow us to store your personal infomation in our website for buying processes only. By provide us with personal information to complete a transaction and arrange for a delivery, we imply that you consent to our collecting it and using it for that specific reason (buying) only.

II. Disclosure

To protect your personal information, we take strict measures and follow industry best practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so.

III. WordPress (WooCommerce and WP & WC Affiliate Platform)

HealthConnects.Info is hosted on WordPress. They provided us with the affiliate platform ( WP & WC affiliate program) that allows us and our affiliate marketers to sell our products and services to you. Your data is stored through WooCommerce and WP & WC affiliate program data storage, databases and the general WordPress application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall.

IV. Mode of Payment:

Our payment method is Cash on Delivery (COD) or depending on the interest of the buyer. We only cater Philippine market as of now. Health Connects company or the affiliate marketers will help facilitate the delivery of the products through our partner courier services.

V. Return and Exchange:

If the buyer or purchaser wishes to return or exchange the purchased items, the rule is that it shall be made within seven (7) calendar days from the date of purchased. Health Connects partners (The Manufacturers) will return or exchange the item with another item but if there is difference in the prices, it shall be paid by the purchaser or buyer. Please note that only items that have complete boxes, seal, packaging in unused condition shall be honored for return or exchange. Those items that have physical damage shall not be honored.

VI. Changes to this Terms and Conditions

As the owner of this affiliate marketing website, Health Connects reserve the right to modify this Terms and Conditions at any time.

VII. For Inquiries and Clarification: Contact us: